Dance troupe The Chosen Ones

By the initiative of Mission Armenia NGO in Yerevan, Avan distinct were started dance classes for elderly people. The dance coach was Jasmena Karapetyan, who already had years of experience working with kids and youth teaching them national dances. She also had a dance group in the same distinct and some of her pupils’ grandparents were asking here if she will start something for elderly people. This is how the idea of The Chosen Ones dance troupe was made. The group functions from 2007 and from the day of establishment is with non commercial approach, all the teaching and meetings are being done for free of charge. There are many elders who want to participate, but the troupe faces several challenges: such as financial issues, health problems of the members and clothing for shows and performances.
The Chosen Ones have participated in several national festivals, different events and concerts, as well as have been shot in several music clips, TV programs, shows and soap operas. The group cooperates with several organizations such as Municipality of Avan distrinct, Municipality of city Yerevan, as well as Embassies, NGOs and other organizations always spreading warmth and inspiration.
On 2010 The Chosen Ones were participating in Secret Talent show in Shant TV and got to the top 8. During that show the director Arman Yeritsyan saw them and got interested. He met with them and was enthusiastic to make a film about those elders. The shootings and production of the film took 5 years and on 2015 the film One, Two, Three was premiered in Yerevan, Armenia.

Other active elders

There are many other active elders in Armenia. Here we want to list some of them to motivate people of any age by their example.

Levon Abgaryan Sasun Papit Hanrapetakan Tati Robert Dashtoyan
Public figure, activist, roller, scientist Political & Social activist Political activist Singer, member of VAN Folk Ensemble
Arusyak Sahakyan Sargis Baghdasaryan
Ethnologist and anthropologist, lecturer at State Conservatory member of MRRO the National Center for Folk Songs Dancer, Singer member of AKUNQ Folk Ensemble