Completed Films

A Story of People in War and Peace
Historians cite the Karabagh war (1989-1994) as one of the first signs of the Soviet Union's collapse. Front line journalist and former prisoner of war, Vardan Hovhannisyan, lived alongside soldiers, doctors, nurses, villagers, and children caught in the conflict, capturing their immediate thoughts, impressions and last words to their families. A decade later, Vardan returns to Karabagh, in an attempt to grasp the aftermath of a devastating war and to draw lessons of peace from the survivors.

This film was made in co-production with international broadcasters including the BBC, Arte (France/Germany), WDR (Germany), ITVS (USA), and YLE (Finland).
The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia
Zhora (77) and Knyaz (78) were once the most celebrated masters of tightrope dancing in Armenia. Today, they are the only surviving performers who can keep this ancient art alive against the current of contemporary society. Having been bitter rivals throughout their lives, a common objective has finally brought them together: to train the only student of tightrope dancing left in the country. Hovsep, a sixteen year old orphan boy, has to decide whether or not to accept the role of the last tightrope dancer in Armenia, in a society that has abandoned both him and the art of tightrope dancing.
This project is an international co-production with ITVS (USA), NHK (Japan), SVT (Sweden), YLE (Finland) and TVP Kultura (Poland).
Donkeymentary is a documentary about a small island with 24,000 people, 6,000 donkeys, and just 2 cars.
Lamu, just off the coast of Kenya, is one of the world's only surviving centers of authentic Swahili culture, and “the donkey capital of Africa. It is a place where there are donkey traffic jams, where the largest humanitarian organization is a donkey sanctuary, where donkeys are the key to earning a living, and where a young boy's fondest dream is to one day have a donkey of his own!
Both German TV version for GEO 360° and director's cut are completed.
Mikhail, in his 80's, has buried himself alive in the tons of garbage that he has gathered during the last 15 years. Mariam is in her 50's, but looks like she is in her 70's, and depends completely on antidepressants. Anahit, in her 60's, lives in an empty apartment with the souls of her 8 children and husband.
The Chosen Ones tells the story of old and lonely people, who at the end of their lives decided to fight against their despair and hopelessness through the dance and through new friendship.
In a country where there is no social life for seniors, these group of people are brave enough to go against the mainstream and even against the inevitable. Every day these people prove through their performance that they still have dreams of love, hopes for the future, and can amaze audience with their spirits. The film shows that even a life spent in hardship is worth living until the last minute!

In Production

Elephant Soldiers
After ten years of trying to bring peace to the war between African elephants and local farmers in Kenya, Cambridge scientist Dr. Max Graham has stumbled across a new and urgent threat: with the growth of the market in Asia, the demand for ivory is also growing. Poaching is increasing by 150% every year in Kenya, and there are not enough elephants in the world to satisfy the global hunger. Max has a plan: using new technologies, traveling across continents and cultures, Max will become an international detective in order to save African elephants from extinction.
Bush Wars
This 6-part series follows Giuseppe, an Italian biologist and filmmaker, through Kenya on his adventures as a peacekeeper in the war between people and Africa’s most dangerous animals - lions, rhinos, elephants and more. He will help Masai herders and local farmers to protect their properties and lives from hungry creatures with the use of innovative and unconventional approaches, like building chilli pepper fences and elephant dung bombs.
And if nothing else helps, he will capture and pack these oversized dangerous beasts to ship them off to a new home. Through state-of-the-art cinematography and his hand-held camera, this series will draw you into the heart of the action for a breathtaking and visceral experience.

In Development

Armenia Wants a Piece of the North Pole... and the South Pole, too!
The documentary will taking a look at the chaotic scramble for resources and territory now taking place at the North and South Poles. Using the humorous device of two Armenian explorers' claims to the poles, we will highlight the absurd lengths to which nations go in the service of greed.
Over Armenia
The land of Armenia is one of wonder from above. A dramatic natural landscape of mountains and volcanoes that pierce the sky, deep ancient valleys, wild rivers and scenery made of Armenia's national color palette. But this is not only a place of natural beauty. This land is home to one of the oldest civilizations known, which has left its mark with antiquated monasteries, historic ruins and latent villages.
Through a bird's eye view, the audience will travel on an unforgettable journey to discover a stunning portrait of Armenia from an aerial perspective unseen before.
The lost Minaret of Saghar, stands somewhere in Afghanistan, waiting for a courageous archaeological team to reveal it. An Australian archaeologist on the cutting edge of his field, a wise old Afghan archaeologist who has experienced firsthand the history of his country, and two inexperienced archaeology students eager for adventure—this is the team that will travel to the minaret and doubtless have many adventures on their way…

As they experience the rich and varied culture of Afghanistan, they will see traces of wars past and present…Will the present war keep them from their goal, or will they discover the minaret that has never been seen by outsiders?
A new country is about to be created. At least, it will be if the UN and New Zealand have their way. Hidden from the hectic world, in the middle of South Pacific—30 hours from anywhere—is a tiny territory comprised of three magnificent coral atolls with just 1500 inhabitants who are being pushed to vote ‘yes’ and declare independence from New Zealand. The people of Tokelau have voted down independence twice in the last three years, but a new referendum is coming up in 2010, and the UN, New Zealand, and the roughly half of Tokelauans who favor independence are hopeful that this time it will succeed.
This documentary is a unique chance to capture the birth of a new nation as it happens…and to preserve a record of Tokelau should nature win and rising sea levels wipe this tiny nation from the map forever.